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25 Types of Doctors

by March 2, 2015

25-Types-of-DoctorsGod heals and the doctor takes the fee! There are so many types of doctors who work with their different specialties. Below is the list of some doctors with their specialties:

1. Anesthesiologists
These are the special doctors who are responsible to make the patient get faint before an operation and take a painless sleep. They manage the dose of anesthesia given to the patients while in operations.

2. Audiologists
The doctors who cure the hearing problems are called audiologists.

3. Allergists
Doctors who cure allergy problems and diseases are called allergists.

4. Cardiologists
Problems related to heart are dealt by cardiologists.

5. Clinical Neurophysiologists
Dealing with the problems related to autonomic, peripheral, and central nervous system goes in the court of these doctors.

6. Dentists
Any tooth, dentures, retainers, gum problems are dealt by dentists.

7. Dermatologists
Any problem related to skin, hairs, and nails is cured by dermatologists.

8. ENT Specialists
They are specialists of dealing problems of ears, nose, and throat.

9. Endocrinologists
If you have any problem in your endocrine system, consults with these doctors.

10. Family Doctors
These are the doctors who deal with all sorts of problems, of all ages, emergency and non-emergency ones of families.

11. Gynecologists
Female reproductive systems are cured by these doctors.

12. Hematologists
Problems in blood are dealt by these doctors.

13. Hepatologists
Problems of liver are solved by these doctors.

14. Immunologists
Problems related to immune systems are solved by these doctors.

15. Medical Geneticists
Problems, diseases, and genetic disorders are dealt by these geneticists.

16. Neurologists
Problems of brain are solved by these doctors.

17. Neonatologists
They are the doctors of new-born babies.

18. Orthopedists
Broken bones are dealt by these doctors.

19. Plastic Surgeons
Transplantation of skin and muscles are done by these doctors.

20. Pathologists
Doctors who deal with DNAs, Tissues, cells, and blood are called pathologists.

21. Radiologists
Specialists of X-rays and other related works are called radiologists.

22. Surgeons
The doctors who perform surgical operations are called surgeons.

23. Thoracic Oncologists
Cancer of lung and chest is cured by these doctors.

24. Urologists
Problems with urine and urinary tract are dealt by these doctors.

25. Veterinarians
These are the doctors for animals.

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