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A Summarized History of Valentine’s Day

by February 11, 2015

A-Summarized-History-of-Valentine’s-DayThe Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year in the world with sharing of lots of love and feelings. Lovers gift so many gifts to their beloved ones including flowers, chocolates, cards, and many more. It is quite ironic that it is a very popular celebration day in the world but no one knows the actual history of this day. Everyone and every group have different stories regarding the celebration of this day. But, all of them are agreed on a point that the named ‘Valentine’ has been taken from a saint from Christian History.

The most famous and believes story about this day is that the saint Valentine got imprisonment because he had arranged weddings of those soldiers in Roman Empire who were not allowed to do marriage and on that cause, the saint, valentine was executed.

Catholics, a major sect in Christianity also believes that valentine, during his imprisonment, cured the blind daughter of one of the soldiers in jail. He also got attached with the girls and wrote a letter with the title “from your valentine”.

With the passage of time and contribution from Chaucer, till the 18th century, this day was happened to be attached with romance and started to be celebrated widely as the celebration for showing love and remember the saint Valentine for his great efforts, according to Christian beliefs.

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