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Top 5 Games for New Year’s Eve

by December 29, 2014

Top-5-Games-for-New-Year’s-EveNew Year’s Eve is about to come and you all must be excited for it. Everyone must be preparing for New Year’s Eve party celebrations and to enter in the next year while enjoying. There are lots of activities you can perform in the eve’s party to make it interesting and memorable. Playing games is also a good activity to enjoy in the party. Below is the list of top 5 games which are quite famous among people especially for the New Year’s Eve party:

1. Ribbon Dance
You just need to cut ribbon into 3 foot length. Now give the ribbons to the participants and start the music. It will be a great fun in the party to perform a ribbon dance.

2. Knowing knees
It is a very interesting game. It is played between couples. The girls need to sit on chairs and the males have to identify their females by touching their knees.

3. Cotton Balls
This game is also entertaining. You need some cotton balls, a bowl, and a spoon. Now blindfold the participant and put the bowl on the head of the participant. Set out a timer and say the person to fill the bowl with cotton balls using the spoon.

4. Find the cheery
You need some cheery, bowls, and whipped cream for enjoying this game. Put the cheery in the bowls and cover them with whipped cream. Now put a bowl before every participant and ask them to find the cheery without using hands.

5. Musical Chairs
This is the most famous game in all. You just need to have one less chair than the participants. They have to move ahead near the chairs with the music. When the music is stopped, they need to sit on the chairs. In the end, two participants and one chair will be left. The participant who sits then will be the winner.

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